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Psalm 63: 1-5 Sit and Wait


5/9/15 I wasn't sure where this was going to take me when I first started reading, as happens often. I just start. Period. Put the verse on the page and begin underlining and let God do His thing through my thoughts. If I don't start, nothing happens! I have to move and God makes it happen.

As I was underlining, I realized that the verse could be divided into two sections, things I did and things God does, so I have two colors in my underlining.

As I started my text about the verses, it came to me that I could simply paraphrase David's prayer in my own "today's" version of the prayer. So on the right we have "God-inspired word" through David's prayer and on the left my prayer to God, paraphrased. Everything in my prayer is in David's! How cool is that! At least I thought it was awesome that God brought that out.

I wish I had time, for you, to pick out each text that relates, but maybe you will take time to do that yourself and be blessed.

The blue text is from the song and ending with some of my own thoughts to bring the layout together.

I played a LOT with blending modes.  Almost every layer has a blending mode applied.

I created the light streaming myself in Photoshop.  

I just love the purples and blues as it feels so peaceful and calm and full of rest in God's presence.

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