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Blending Mode Lesson 2 - Dissolve (link to comment)

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This is a not-so-yummy texture. It is not so great to start with, but neither is the blending mode, so just go with it and wait for the fun lessons.

Yes, I cheated! I used another blending mode, but let's try not to cheat! Rules are (not) meant to be broken. Giggle. Seriously, I'd prefer you only use one blending mode.

dissolving blending mode before and after

Hover cursor on the image to see before and after images.

(psst. Yes, I changed the image a little bit since the video. Always tweeking I am! How about you?)

Your lesson, as with all of the lessons as we go through the each blending mode is:

1. Use only the texture for this lesson and the this blending mode.

2. Share your before and after photos. (if you use copyright friendly stock photos, please indicate and give the source)

3. If possible, share a screen shot of your layers palette and your written "recipe."



Please know that many of us had trouble with this one in that after we saved as a .jpg, our dots disappeared!


Here are your images!




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