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Blending Mode Lesson 1 - Introduction to Blending Modes (link to comment)

This video is an introduction to the blending modes. The rules for the class are reviewed. Thereafter, blending mode tips and techniques necessary for the class are reviewed.

For this lesson for credit, comment and share something you learned. It might be something someone else missed in the video.

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1.  Only use the texture I give you so everyone can go back and play with the same texture to try to get the same effect you did.

2.  Only use the blending mode we are working with in the video.  After we go through the blending modes, we will have combining lessons, with more advanced techniques shared in each video, and you can have freedom to use different blending modes to share your recipe.  Please only use any texture from the previous lessons (and there are a lot of them!) and not other sources.

3. Only do techniques learned in video or previous videos so everyone is learning at the same pace and not jumping ahead.  Wait for the fun advanced techniques in the future videos.  Of course, rules are meant to be broken, but please use courtesy.

4.  Do the lessons in order.

5.  Show us your "recipe" by getting a screen shot of your layer's palette.  Share your steps in text.

6. Stick with me during the harder lessons as they are meant to make you think outside the box and to make you work with just one layer style to learn about it. 


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