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Garden Challenge

3. Challenge: Press an object from nature

Press a flower, leaf, or other object from nature. Scan it in to use as an element or place it on your layout after printing in a hybrid scrapbooking style. If you do not have a scanner, a photograph is okay too. I would suggest extracting the object.

I put this lesson early in the class because it could take some time for your object to be pressed. Maybe you can post here what you are pressing when you start, then come back with your layout later. 

However, I tried the microwave method and loved it!

My dried flowers are available in the UseIt! Class.


I wanted to share with you how I dried my rose in the microwave. 

I tore a strip of waxed paper and some paper towels and layered them.  I wish I had put the waxed paper next to the flower because the paper towels made engravings on my flower.  However, I thought the texture was cool too, so either way will work.  Just be considerate of what texture is next to the flower/leaf.

Next, since I choose a rose which is a fat flower, I squished it down some with my fingers.  The petals broke off a little and I gently realigned them.  With flatter flowers, this would not be necessary.

I folder over the layers of paper towel and waxed paper and put it in the microwave.  I put a microwavable dish over the flower.

I decided the one dish was not heavy enough to squish the flower down, so I added another microwavable dish on top.

Next, I microwaved it for 1 minute. 

You can see the moisture came out of the flower as it soaked both the paper towel and the waxed paper.  The flower looked dry and flat and I was excited.  However, I tested by microwaving it yet again for one more minute, after I put a dry paper towel over the flower.  I could not move it easy, so only replaced one of the towels.

It turned out wonderful!  I was so excited.  It took some careful and gently fingers to peel the flower from the paper towel.  I can imagine smaller flowers might be even more difficult.

I put the flower on my scanner and scanned it at 600 px. I turned it over and scanned again to get the other side.  Then it took me a few hours to extract both flowers as I wanted a high quality image.

I had a lot of fun with this easy project!  If you don't have flowers or leaves in your yard, buy yourself a treat at the florist!

Here are some tutorials on pressing:
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Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!


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