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Journal Challenge


23. Journal to your future grandchildren

Journal to your future grandchildren (or if you already have grandchildren, a generation not yet born). 

Think of what you wish your grandparents had written down for you. What is it that you would have wanted to know more about? Their daily life? What their parents did and said? How they bought their first house? How they met? 

I could go on and on thinking of ideas and I am guessing you could too!

Try incorporating this into a layout with photos. 

Linda just shared a great article to help you reflect on this topic.

1. What Were The Main Events Of Your Life?
2. Where Did You Live?
3. What Were Your Family Traditions and Sayings?
4. What Was Your Personal Faith or Philosophy?
5. What Were You Like Growing Up?
6. What Did You Love To Do As A Kid?
7. What Was In Style When You Were Growing Up?
8. What Historical Events Did You Experience As You Were Growing Up?
9. What Is The History Behind Family Heirlooms?
10. What Was A Day In Your Life Like?


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!