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23.Can you use this song's lyrics in a layout? (Lanae' Hale -Let's Grow Old Together - Music and Lyrics)

Lets Grow Old Together

Right turn fall down
You're there To pick me off the ground
And I cant tell ya how you've turned my world around

You come closer; Your blue eyes
Have won me over and 
I'll never be the same without ya
Here with me through the sun and the rain

I thought you should know That you're my hero

Let's grow old together
With my heart in your hands and your hands holding mine
Well face the world together
Cause you are the one I've been waiting to find
It's no secret; So I cant keep it
Cause it's true
Baby, I love you

Long day; Come home
When you're there; I never feel alone
And my cares melt away into your arms again

Your smile; Takes me 
Just awhile; To remind myself to breathe
Cause your still; The most amazing thing I've ever seen

I thought you should know That you'll always be my hero


Years turn us gray, but my heart still jumps when you're next to me
I feel so safe cause you're still by my side on those cloudy days and
I'm so amazed by you.

(c)2009 Lanae' Hale/ Centricity Music


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