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Easy Outdoor Candles

I shared recently other candle crafts we did last Sunday, but here is some more and we are really enjoying them.  First, I dropped a battery operated blue candle into this cool jar with all the textures on the side.

I added a ribbon, with a glue gun, around the bottom of the candle and cut a circle to put in the top lid (it is a Mason jar).  We use jute to hang it from the canopy.  Easy peasy and cute! 

Here is the jar before we hung it, next to another craft we were working on.  These are simply jars with with clear lamp oil and a special wick attachment (they sell them like this).  We used a screwdriver and a hammer to poke a hole in the lid.  I added a ribbon around the outside with a glue gun.

Um, another photo of this one hanging.

This is the line up!  Our two bulb vases, a bird cage candle, and our new candle are waiting for our viewing pleasure!  It almost looks cluttered and I may move things around, but for now, this is it!

We made them in threes!  I think these are going to go right on the table top.
I have seen these with foliage in the oil, or even fruits, and I may just have to do that! 

First shared 5/10/2013

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