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Decorating clothing with Digital Scrapbooking Supplies


I've used those transfers a lot in page years, on T-shirts and other things, such as Christmas gifts for 3 little girls with their favorite things on the side of small canvas bags. I asked their mom what their favorite things were and made a graphic, grabbing images off of the internet, which are not really copyright friendly for sharing online, but for personal use on a canvas bag, I thought it worked out well.

Note that the text needs to be backwards for the transfer to work with text.

This is a sample of some t-shirts I made for my son's band that the mom and friends wore to the concert. I used a photo of the band, extracted it using digital scrapbooking skills, and added the name of the band.

I wonder if I still have that t-shirt somewhere around here! Ah! I should get it and wear it to surprise them one day.

This is an image that Diane (Belle33) shared in the forum. Have you ever used transfers to put images on clothing?

This is just the same as any 8.5 x 11 sheet transfer you can buy.


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