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Layered ornaments or Decorations

I found this in the forum shared by Lori.  She called it a "layered" ornament, as for a Christmas tree, but I can see this being a decoration to place on a shelf or suction cupped to a window for Easter or any other theme.  You could create anything with digital scrapbooking skills and put this together as a hybrid project.

Here is what Lori wrote, "A lot of times, the bottom layer has everything on it..... so everything would be stacked on one layer.... In PS, copy ALL your layers, than merge 1 set of the layers. This you would have on your Paper (cardstock) that you would print. Then you place in a separate area, the next layer to be printed out.... and so on, until you get to the top most layer.... So in this ornament - the bottom layer has the whole scene. Then the next layer would have everything above the background scene (sky and hills).... then I kept taking off the bottom most layer...... I tend to find 4-6 layers enough - otherwise in can become to cumbersome...."

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