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Cutting for Hybrid Chipboard Books


So, we have all of these great, awesome chipboard book shapes, right? So, how in the world do we cut the printouts to adhere them to the books?

First, one must have the correct template to work from before printing, but we will discuss that in another post!

It is my understanding that the right pair of scissors is vital to ease of cutting and that the Cutter Bee scissors are the best! Therefore, in my recent trip to a scrapbooking store, I spotted a pair and bought them for a little over $12.

These scissors are designed for detailed, precision cutting.

I also saw Honey Bee scissors, but could not tell the difference and, since they cost a few dollars more, I did not buy them. From my research on the internet, it is my understanding the Honey Bee has a non-stick surface great for cutting sticker paper, which is not something I will be doing, so I am glad that I did not buy them.

I understand that if you move the paper instead of the scissors, it is often easier to cut out the chipboard shape books. Be sure to try all methods of cutting to see what works best!

Another option for cutting is with an exacto knife. I do have one of these from my very short period of paper scrapbooking, along with a cutting mat, so I do plan on testing both methods of cutting.

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