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Step Stool

First blogged 12/26/2009.

I wanted to share with you another gift which I made for Christmas. I have created this gift many times and each time it is well received.

I can buy a wooden stool at the local hobby store for under $10. Thereafter, I personalize it. So, it is an inexpensive gift that is mostly a labor of love.

I thought about creating something with digital scrapbooking this time and then decoupaging it to the top of the stool, but choose not to this time (mostly because of lack of time). This would make a great hybrid project, though, if you so choose to do it that way. The whole rung could be a rectangle done in Photoshop Elements or each flower and the name could be made, printed, and cut out.

After I finish decorating the stool, I always seal it with polyurethane or a similar product.

This is perfect for a gift for a 1 year old's first birthday or similar age for Christmas. These stools really get used, especially for brushing teeth at the bathroom sink or even just sitting on to watch television in the living room. I know each of my boys had a little stool of their own with their name on it and they were really used by them!

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