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Printer Trays

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I see printer trays being used all the time in hybrid digital scrapbooking projects and am always drawn to them. I would love to find time to play with one myself. Hubby and I were in an antique store downtown about a month ago and saw this awesome printer tray.  It looked like one of these antique ones on ebay.  We would have loved to buy it.

I have this house on a wall in my kitchen which I probably bought in 1987 or so.  It holds some small trinket gifts various people gave me over the years (mostly before I was married), a few trinkets that used to be my grandma's, and a few other things I bought just to finish filling it up.  It's been painted various colors over the years to match the colors in my kitchen.  I could probably use it differently with all these painter tray ideas on the internet now, but it's got so much meaning the way it is right now that it will probably never be changed again.

I have this drawer in my bathroom which actually came from the old St. Francis hospital here in Cape Girardeau.  I'm afraid to do anything permanent to it as it is a piece of history.

So long ago I picked up a bunch of little wooden pieces with a bathroom theme and propped them on the shelves.  It's not too creative and I wonder if I could change it up at all or if it will just keep being like it's always been.

Maybe someday I'll by a printer's tray at the hobby store just to play with as I'm so drawn to the one that is in the example above.

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