Transferring print to canvas

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I really wish I had time to try this and maybe some day I will.  Click the image source for instructions and more images of many more ideas using your printer and different types of transfer paper to embellish everything from fabric to furniture.

To transfer to canvas, bump up the saturation on your image and print it on an overhead transparency.
I am going to guess that this has to be with a laser printer, not an inkjet.  Many copy machines are laser print.  In addition, mirror the image before printing. 

Cover the surface of the canvas with a gel medium (common brands in craft stores are Liquitex and Golden).  Place ink side down on the gel medium and get out air bubbles.  Burnish it with a spoon or other hard surfaced object by rubbing it hard.  It can be rubbed on either side.  Test it by lifting the corner.  If it doesn't work, put it back down and rub some more.


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There is a trick to print on tissue paper and to use Modge Podge to adhere to canvas.  Click on the image source link for more instructions.

This was an image someone shared at ScrapMatters, a digi-site that is now closed.

I have long been a fan of printings on canvas for walls.

I have seen this available for printing on canvas at my local Costco. I am sure there are other places, just call and ask if they print on canvas.

There is also canvas paper that you print on directly from an inkjet printer.

Artcanvas and Winkflash are a place online that will print and ship onto canvas. Can you share other resources in the comments?

Any ideas?

Wouldn't these make great Christmas gifts for Grandma's?

This is a canvas art done by Diane (Belle33) that was shared in our forum.  Really cool, huh?