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Gift Idea -- Mini Book of Photos


My friend ordered this mini-book for her daughter and her daughter's friends from MyPublisher. It is only $2.49 a book! What a great price.
(first published December 3, 2011)

Below is a quick video I made. I had so many ideas, but because I was in a hurry, I could not think of what I wanted to share, but I wanted you to see the book in video so you can get a better idea of what it is like.

I can envision making a cover for the book with digital scrapbooking skills. Of course, all of the pages could be done with digital scrapbooking skills, but with such small pages, they would need to be kept simple, maybe even with just some text added.

I had an idea that this could be a great Christmas card.  The cover could be made with a Christmas wish and the book filled with highlights of the year, similar to what you would put in a Christmas letter.  Of course, you would want a limited card list because $2.49 is more expensive than the basic card.

This would be great for grandparents or newly weds.  I know I tend to whip out my phone and hand it to people to share photos now, but going back to traditional would be fun too in handing people a small book to share your family photos.

Another idea would be to create a book of quotes or other inspiration and giving it as a gift to multiple people.  It would be great tucked on a coffee table or setting by a work computer.

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