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Duck Tape Fixes Anything! ... and Creates Anything!


We were at Staples over the weekend looking for something I hope to use for a future designer tool for the store (so anxious to play with it!) and came across this stand and had to laugh! I snapped these photos to share it with you.

Apparently, they are putting prints on duck tape now and encouraging you to buy it for crafts!  The sign says to go to for craft ideas.  The top section of the display contains square sheets of duck tape!  What will they think up next!

There are "Ducktivities" on the website as they make a play with the name.  There is every idea from making flowers, to covering flip-flops, to purses, and mailbox covers.  We have always heard that duck tape fixes anything!

Check out their youtube videos.

The bottom section of the display had rolls.  My photos only share a few of the squares and rolls on display.


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