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When I wrote this, I had shared about 13 ounces or less, being creative ways to send mailings, but before before I could send the Frisbee, I came up with another idea more appropriate for the time to send to our soon at bootcamp. 

Here is a photo of one side of the plastic water bottle we are sending him with a note that I squeezed inside.  It took longer to drink the water and get the bottle to dry than anything else!  Ah.  Even putting up to a warm fan it took forever to dry.  We made one for our son and our nephew at boot camp, so I was drying two of them.  It reads "Just in case you miss the big game" . . . the the game details.

Here is the other side of the note in the bottle which reads "Here's a little football game you can play yourself!"  As you can see, we then folded up paper into those little footballs that you can set up on a table and flick with your finger.  

The footballs were a little difficult to get back out, but it could be done as we tested it.  I was so excited anticipated his reaction when he gets this in the mail!  I didn't want to send anything that would embarrass him and get him teased, but I thought that any guy would think this was a cool idea.

I printed his address and cut it so there was excess on the strip of paper to wrap around the bottle and then used clear packing tape to secure it.  I left one area of the strip blank and without tape where I put the stamp.

I learned that indeed these can go first class, but since it is not a flat envelope within a certain dimension, there is an extra charge for handling (since it does it not go through the automated sorters and has to be hand sorted).  It cost $1.95 to mail each of them, but it still goes first class which is faster than parcel post. 

I cannot wait to see if these actually arrive and their condition when they arrive and the reaction to it.  I'm going to guess they do not get to watch tv or the game during boot camp.  Maybe they can have a little game of their own for a short few minutes.

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