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Hybrid Wall Decorations

Since we have such a small home, there is very little space to place decorations, so we added a 10 foot long shelf over the couch. I have yet to finish the decorating though! However, today I made some great strides with my ideas.

I made four typographical type artsy layouts and printed them out on letter size paper and cut the to 8 x 8 inches. Each has a special meaning to us.

This one is special because I always tease about how adventurous our family is. We can be driving along and impromptu, next-thing-you-know be exploring places others would never dare go.

I was anticipating my men's reaction with this one! This is one of "those" things I am constantly saying to them (even to hubby!). I am an optimistic person and am always of the philosophy of "where there's a will, there's a way." 
I find all four of my men always saying, "I can't." It drives me nuts! I have to push them to think outside the box and just find a way! Sometimes I stare them down and dare them "do you want me to do it?" Most often they will grunt and keep trying because they don't want to be shown down by a woman! Every once in a while, as they get smarter, they reply, "sure," because they know that gets them out of a task. 
My men will forever be hearing the rest of their lives in the back of their heads my voice saying "can't never could!" Today, this is the BIG reveal of the rest of the sentence. I am sometimes told, "that never makes any sense." I just smile. Now they know.

This one is special to me. I've had it on the sidebar of my blog since I first made the blog. It is one of my most favorite quotes and speaks the kind of person I hope to be or hope I am.

This one is really special to me as it was a favorite of my Grandpa. He had this sign above his work table in his basement. I remember always reading the sign as a young girl. It is so twisting in thought that you have to read it over and over and think on it. Now that I'm older, I realize why he liked this so much, especially since he was in WWII and lived through the Battle of the Bulge. Try reading it from his perspective and see if it takes on a whole new meaning for you too.

Once cut out, I adhered them to these canvas covered frames. The frames were really inexpensive at Hobby Lobby. I bought four sheets of brown scrapbooking paper (12 x 12) and adhered them to the canvas. The brown matches the opposite wall (not shown here). 
The idea was to keep some consistency in each of the frames by having a brown frame-like area on each. I'm not sure I like it. I may go back and print these out at 12 x 12 and cover the whole canvas with each. It would just cost me more to print and I would have to make the effort to take the files somewhere (which I don't want to do!).

This is what I used to adhere everything together. The little foam squares are double-sided sticky. I used these to adhere the brown paper to the canvas and the layout to the brown paper. It was easy peasy!

Initially, I tried using these thinner clear squares because they were removable. However, they did not hold and the paper continued to fall off. I was afraid to use the permanent because the word itself is, well, so permanent! However, I have found that the permanent ones will come off satisfactorily to allow me to change the prints from time to time. It did damage the brown paper slightly, but it did not really matter as I am covering it right back up again with another print. At least they were easy enough to pull off. The removable ones were a waste of my money.

I hope you like my hybrid digital scrapbooking project and do hope that it inspires someone else. I have some other project on my to-do list to set on the shelf, so stay tuned!

Written and shared November 13 2009.