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Customized Clocks

I have had this idea for a very long time and some day I am going to attempt to make a clock using digital scrapbooking skills.  This would be called a "hybrid" project in digital scrapbooking.

I have a clock at home that is 28 years old, or older, and the outer edges of it get a paint-lift every time I redecorate the living room.  It is just a cheap clock and it looks like one I could easily take apart to also decoupage a printed digital scrapbooking image onto the center of it.  The difficult part would be getting the size of the image correct before printing.  Just some careful measuring and maybe a few test prints would be all that is necessary.


(image source)

Kaisercraft has a wooden clock made especially for this type of project.  It is an Australasian company, however, so their products are hard to come by in America.  


American craft stores do have round wooden boards and clock parts for creating your own clock which is something I might want to try too.

I found this one on Pinterest, but the link did not work as the page must have been taken down, so I do not know who to give credit for.  Rather than decoupaging the inside face, print digital scrapbooking images and adhere them to the outer edge of a clock.  This looks similar to the close I own that I want to play with some day.

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Here is a clock more with the idea I have to decoupage the inside face of the clock.  The love theme is cute!  To get the numbers on the edges might be tricky on the digital image, but I'm sure it could be done.

Now HERE is more what I was thinking as an example.  Isn't this cute?  It is made with just an inexpensive clock.  I think I need to make one of these for our guest bedroom now!

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I found a website that shows just how easy it is to take a clock apart to change the inside face with paper.  Just pop off the clear cover with a screwdriver near the tab that holds in in place.  Then lift off the hands.  Then on the back use a screwdriver to move the two tabs away from the mechanism to free it from the housing.

This same blogger made a chalk clock.  There is chalk paint that can be purchased (I love using it!) or even some chalk vynal

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I found another example.