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Laminating Printed Digital Scrapbooking Placemats

Here are two samples of printed and laminated digital scrapbooking placemats from the forum.

The top one is by Lori and she indicates "I have a wide printer - so this is 13 X 19".... it is for my daughter's (4y) art projects....."

The bottom one I am not sure who created, but it is used for a dog's dish and the layout has a cute and funny story with it.

This is such a great idea!  I know it does not cost much at Staples to have them print larger and laminate.  I am sure there are other office supply stores that would have the same services.

I can see making customized placemats with your own digital scrapbooking skills and supplies to match the decorations in your house or even customized for a party.

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