We meet together in the Flickr group .

Please obey Flickr's rules and do not engage in commercial activity by linking to commercial sites. Please do give credits, such as product and designer name, font used, and any tutorial used, as always, but do not include links. Feel free to tag the designers.

It is an open group, so you can share any layouts you make, not just for the challenges here at HW.


You may upload the original size (no need for "save for web").

NEW BETA version November 2013

For posting in forums, the "bb code" can be found by clicking on the "share" icon (follow the circled above graphic from top to bottom), click on the "share this photo" thumbtack icon, choose the photo size, and copy and paste the code into the forum. Note that a "bb code" begins with a bracket .. i.e. [url=

If you want to post on a blog, use the html code by clicking as circled in red above. Note an html code begins with a "less than" symbol . . i.e. <a href=


The below information and video should still be helpful to you, but you may need to location the information in the interface which you are utilizing, whether beta or previous version.


On your uploaded image, click the share icon (red arrow below your photo) and tick the box for BB code for copying code to post in forums, and tick the box for html for posting on blogs. A good size in the dropdown is to find the one around 600 px.

To copy the code, highlight all that is in the code box and press "control c" to copy. Thereafter, go to the compose box in the forum or blog and press "control v" to paste.

If you see another's image on a blog or forum, you can click on the image to go back to Flickr to comment.

Here is a basic video to get you started.

Additional help video below! It is 30 minutes long, but Flickr offers SO much great stuff, it takes a while to review it all.

Don't want to miss a layout in the gallery? Ready to help make it a great community by commenting? You can subscribe to the pool at Flickr. You can use this url in your RSS Reader to subscribe.