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2012 Theme for the Year


Hubby and I rang in the new year in the emergency room with a relative. We did have a nice time when the boys graced us with their presence for a card game of spades and dinner, but then they took off and we ended up being called to the emergency room to sit with a relative. He's going to be okay, no worries. I took my iPad and was thankful for wifi service in the hospital to keep us occupied during the long wait. It was going on 2 a.m. before we left, but it was 3:30 before he got to a room.

I have always heard that whatever you are doing when you ring in the new year is a premonition to what the new year will hold. Of course, this is just superposition, I realize, but sometimes it is interesting to think on it and wonder if could be true. If this is true, then this year we are going to be sitting in the emergency room and/or hospitals a lot, smelling stink (literally), drinking coke instead of mountain dew, with unstable income, spending time in the forum with online friends, having short but great quality time together with the boys, eating meals at home, but at least we will be together.

Already, at 8 a.m. in the morning on New Year's Day, another relative has posted that they are in the emergency room!

I'm not sure where I posted it, but last year's theme for me was "letting go." I had forgotten that was my theme for the year until in December when I saw some notes I had made in OneNote and I focused on the them again in December.

So I began thinking on a theme for this year according to our circumstances as we rang in the new year. I decided instead of thinking on the negatives, I needed to think on the positives.

This year, 2012, is going to be the year of "change for the better." This is going to be my theme for 2012.

For instance, instead of thinking that it will be the year we will be in hospitals and emergency rooms and doctors (which so could be the case with hubby's possible pending disability), I choose to see the positive in that our relative will probably be going into a nursing home now which means that we will no longer have to help him buy groceries and other help one or more times a week. Yep! It will be a change for the better and I am going to think positive that he will finally be going into a nursing home and relieving some of our stress.


Instead of thinking that things will "literally stink," I am going to think positive that this will be the year we get our house and life cleaner than ever before! Our middle child is going off to boot camp in a few short days and we are going to be cleaning and painting his room for starters. We've done a lot of this in 2011, but maybe we can get it finished in 2012.

Instead of thinking that I will switch soda, I will think positive that it is an indication that I can eat better and exercise and maybe get in better shape this year, especially since I have already quit the gym due to finances, so something new will have to change with regard to exercise habits. We may eat out less (we only ate out about once a week, but this is a cost we could save), but we will be eating together healthier.

Instead of worrying about hubby's job and whether or not the new store at HW will recoup its costs and will make us unstable financially, I am going to think positive that this is the year hubby's job will change for the better in that he will not have to beat up us body anymore to make a living and that the store will hold its own and pay for the debt it took to create it.

We will become empty nesters even more than before, but this will be a change for the better in that the boys will be more and more independent, relieving us of parental helping. When we are together as a family, we will have good quality time together.
If another relative we have helped a lot in 2011 stays living where he was at when the new year was rang in, then in 2012 we will be spending less time and drama and stress dealing with his situations.

2011 held many stresses moreso than I have or will share on my blog. However, it had some great blessings also with our son getting married to a beautiful, wonderful woman, our 25th celebration anniversary trip to Kauaii, and all three of our children making big decisions on their own to make goals for their own lives, including job changes, and doing a lot of growing up.

Bring it on 2012! We are ready for a change for the better!