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2017 Word of the Year



I have been choosing a word (or phrase) of the year since 2011.  Last year's word was to help me write a new devotional book.  I did start it and I did note a lot of conversations, but I have not made huge progress with it.  I want to continue with that endeavor.  I think I have not made progress because of the Bible reading I was doing and the fact that I do not think many would buy the book, so why write it?

This year's theme is a very personal theme.  You can understand why I have chosen the word "unguarded" from my graphic above.  I have been fairly unguarded under my internet persona, being hidden from the attacks of the real world, for many years.  Now I think I have reached a point where I need to make a leap and be unguarded with people who now the real life me.  I've been pushing this already in recent weeks on Facebook, with closing down my "business" page and asking people to follow my personal page instead where I am making some public posts.  Not many followed me to my personal page, but that's okay.  If they want to, they will find me eventually.  I just need to be me.