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Ida Elsa (nee Winkler) Ehmler Zuehr


Ida Elsa Winkler was born in Demmin, Germany, Province of Pomerania (near the Baltic Sea), on October 17, 1845. The family were originally Saxons (wikipedia), but left Saxony because of the invaders of Napoleon.


She married Erich Ehmler, a soldier, who died crossing river in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. They had one child, Caroline Ehmler (Grunke), who was born May 30, 1870, in Demmin (after her father's death). (Per Atlas issued shortly after 1945, Demmin had a population of 18,000.) Ida married Karl Zuehr on April 10, 1873. A daughter, Anna Zuehr (Garland) was born to them.


The family (Ida, Karl, Caroline, and Anna) came to America from Hamburg on the ship Bohemia arriving on October 15, 1884, through Castle Garden. They landed in New York, but not at Ellis Island as it was not used until later. Caroline lived in Elgin, Illinois for a time, where she had a relative, but the Zeuhrs settled in West Pont, Nebraska.


Ida's daughter, Caroline, took her daughter Elsie to Ida's funeral. She was two years old, nearing three, and Elsie was baptized at that time.


Ida's obituary is written in German.

Translation is as follows (originally typewritten):

Mrs. Karl Zuehr

The Reaper Death had a rich crop this week in our Community. Of two cases that were reported in this spot last week on Saturday, was one of our believed Mothers, Mrs. Karl Zuehr. Her passing from this Earth was for many of our fellow citizens a surprise, since she was never seriously ill, perhaps here and there a bit indisposed. On her Deathday she probably did not give it much thought that her end was near, since in her midday chores, she was found near death by her husband. He called as fast as possible a Doctor who was not of any help any more. Death had already completed his job. A good and God-fearing wife has departed, respected and honored by all who knew her.

The deceased was born Ida Winkler and saw her light of this world in Demmin of the Province Pommern on October 17, 1845. Raised to young woman status, she was married on April 10, 1873 in Seedorf to Mr. Karl Zuehr, in which span of their happy marriage brought two daughters, namely Anna, the present wife of Mr. Geo. Garland in Omaha, and Lena, the present wife of Mr. Albert Grunke in South Dakota residing. Aside from her deeply grieved husband, also mourning are 11 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

On October 17, 1884, she emigrated with her family to America, and came directly here where they permanently settled.

The funeral for the deceased was conducted on Wednesday afternoon at the German Lutheran Church at which Pastor Oelschlaeger conducted a solemn memorial service, whereupon her earthly remains was interred at Mount Hope Cemetery.

May she rest in peace.

Date of death was December 18, 1915, at West Point, Nebraska.

Funeral held on December 22.