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Three Rutledge Cousins

born within a week of each other


James W. and Rubina Rutledge had something spectacular to celebrate. They became grandparents for the first time having three grandsons born within a week of each other, two on the same day, all in the same hospital..


James and Rubina had four children (Albert, Charles, Wilson, and Alma Mae), and the three younger children had their first child within a week, two on the same day! The oldest son, Albert, married the next year on August 17, 1940. These three cousins grew up together and were in a lot of photos together.


Charles Arthur Rutledge, Jr. was born October 21, 1939, to (son) Charles and Delores Rutledge. James Bernard Ilges was born October 28, 1939, to (daughter) Alma and Clarence Ilges. Wilson Alvin Rutledge, Jr., was born October 28, 1939, to (son) Wilson & Jessie Mae Rutledge.


This is an article in the St. Louis Star and Times on October 30, 1939.

It is interesting that the mother and baby born a week earlier are still in the hospital. They must have pushed the beds together to pose for the photo.


I believe this was an article in a publication at at James's employer, Union Electric at the Cahokia generating plant in Illinois where he worked for 22 years.


This is the cover of a rather large tabloid, about 10 x 13, which the family was featured.

This is the full page which the article was featured.

The photo is simlar to the newspaper photo, but the babies are in a different position, so there was more than one reporter present taking photos.

This is the article which reads: Mr. and Mrs. James Rutledge of St. Louis became grandparents three times in one week. Reading from left to right: Mrs. Clarence Ilges, their married daughter, with her two-day old son; their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Wilson Rutledge, and Mrs. Charles Rutledge, with their two-day and nine-day-old sons. The old adage that more boys than girls are born when war is in the air is proven again and all in the same family, in the same week, and the same hospital.


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