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James Skaggs and Frances "Fanny" Beeler


James was born February 25, 1780, in Wolf Creek, Greenbrier, Virginia. [Need documentation]

Frances "Fanny" Beeler was born .....


James and Frances were married on February 26, 1808 in Green County, Kentucky.


James and Frances have a daughter, Nancy Merge Skaggs, in 1809 in Kentucky. She would marry Matthew T. W. Benton and have 10 children. She died [when?]


James Skaggs is in the 1810 Census in Green County, Kentucky, with 2 free white persons maole under age 10, 1 free white person male 26-44, 1 free white person female under 10, 1 free white person female 26-44, for a total of 3 children under the age of 16 and 2 adults over the age of 25. [Is this really him? He was just married the year prior, so who are the children?] Since their daughter Frances is born in Missouri, that would mean they moved between the 1810 census and when Frances was born in Missouri that same year. Did they move while she was pregnant?

In 1810, James and Frances have a daughter, Frances Skaggs in Missouri. She would marry James Rutledge and die in 1883 at the age of 73 years. [This is MY LINE.] She would name her first son after her brother, Hiram.


James Skaggs died in August 1811 and his estate was administered by his brother, Benjamin Skaggs. See James Skaggs Estate File. [Note: Transcribe File] I believe he died at Indian Creek in Jefferson County, Missouri, which at the time was under the jurisdiction of the St. Louis District.

This is a small snippet of the probate estate file with Frances Rutledge's name, which gives documentation that she is the daughter of James and Frances Skaggs.


In November 2011, James and Frances have a son, Hiram Henry Skaggs. His birth is noted as St. Louis, Missouri. He was born after his father's death. He would marry Perninah Teresina Hall. They would have 9 children. One of his daughters is named Frannie after his sister. He died in 1870 in Clarke County, Mississippi at the age of 59 years. [Need documentation][I believe I have DNA matches to decendants of Hiram.


Franny dies March 1832 in Sangamon County, Illinois. [Need documentation; When did Franny move to Illinois?]

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