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1 John 4:7 (Love)


4:7 Beloved makes me feel loved by God. I am his beloved! I really want to love one another, but some people make it hard for me, especially when they do the opposite of love towards me. God commands us to love in this verse, but does not merely ask us to love.  Love is an action; love reaches out; love is not just a feeling; love is a choice; love is action. Love is from God; therefore, I want to be more and more like Christ. Love is a fruit of the Spirit, so to know God is to show the fruit of the Spirit of love. Love is perfected in heaven; I am a sinner and fail at it miserably. In my sin, I am reborn again and again in the regeneration of my baptism.


4:8 "God is love."  Period.  That about says it all.  He died for us.  He saved us.  He loves us.  We love others because He first loved us.

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