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Reading through the Gospels #151



John 10:22-11:16

(Created November 7, 2015; Oh my goodness! I am so glad I decided to make this on Digital Scrapbooking Day rather than do other things first. I'm so blessed! I'm blessed by my time studying and the way God reveals to me meaning in the scripture. What I am observing is that while I do the Digital Bible Journaling pages, I will create some text and then think some more and then having the ability to move
the text to insert more study note words brings the scripture to life. This is something I could not do on paper.
At first I was going to do just verse 27 , but I have learned to read the surrounding text to see if it needs to be in context and, sure enough, this needed to be. If I only read verse 27, I miss out on the defining of the protection promised in verse 27.
These verse are sensitive to me as I have looked at them before when I was praying for a loved one that had fallen away from faith. So I was brave and began typing my thoughts in and then found comfort and more meaning. There is no need for me to repeat the study here in different words. Please read the graphic. I welcome your comments.
I was further blessed in how three of us had created separately for the monthly theme for the Digital Bible Journaling Facebook group, but how they came together in the layout! The freebies are in the group and we welcome you to join. When I added Bernie's fabulous paper, I realized it mirrored the shape of the hill I had made! Ah! How fun is that! I added my hill and used blending modes to bring out a whole new depth to Bernie's paper. Then I just loved Tara's sheep looking up! It sat on the hill perfectly! The paper is by Bernie; the sheep and flowers (colored by me) were by Tara, and the word art, butterfly, stitching, and hill are by me. I wanted to throw a lot of things on this page, but I am so inspired on two other sheep verses that I have to save some of the goodies for other pages.)