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Reading through the Gospels 21

John 1:1-3


1:1-2 When one first reads this text it seems to swirl about and confuse. However, the more one reads the Bible, the more one falls back on the meaning of these verses and understands them deeper. John states Jesus's identity in verse 1 and continues to expand on it the rest of the book. These verses answer the question of what was before creation in Genesis.  The "Word" was before creation.  God is with the Word and God is the Word.  So before creation was God and scripture, even though that scripture was not yet written down by man. I see it as God's plan for me was there inside his mind and heart before creation. The Word is God revealing Himself to us. The Word is God intervening into the world.  The Word is God's Will and His plan of salvation. The Word OF God is God. Some say that it does not mean "scripture." In the Greek translation, the word "Word" is "logos" which has many meanings: ground, plea, opinion, expectation, word, speech, account, reason, and discourse. Because of the many meanings, this verse has been the subject of much interpretation. In verse 14 we learn that the Word is Jesus, "The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us." The "he" in verse 2 is Jesus. This confirms the second person of the Trinity. This also confirms that Jesus was at the beginning of time.


Matthew 1:1-17 shows Jesus came from Abraham through David (the Messiah in the Old Testament). Mark 1:9 shows Jesus came from Nazareth (a servant).  Luke 3:23-38 shows Jesus came from Adam (a man). John shows Jesus came from heaven (God).


1:3 Everything is made by God. Without God, nothing is made.  God create from nothing.  Sometimes we are deceived into thinking our hands have made something, but who made the materials we use to create and who made us? We have to have something from which to create something else. This should zap any pride that might reside in our own abilities.  Pride is sinful.  Give God the credit because apart from God, I am nothing.


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