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Reading through the Gospels 28

John 1:35-42


Jesus's first disciples were Andrew, John, and Simon Peter and then the next day, Philip and Nathaniel. Andrew followed because of John's testimony/preaching.  Peter followed because of his brother's witness.  Philip followed because of a direct call from Jesus.  Nathaniel followed because of a personal encounter with Jesus. Mark 1:16-20 also mentions Simon Peter, Andrew, and John, but also mentions James.  Jesus begins His ministry with 6 disciples.


See Mark 1:16-20, Matthew 4:18-22, Luke 5:1-11 for more on Jesus making Peter and Andrew his first disciples as "fishers of men." 


Jesus's disciples used many names for Jesus.  In verse 36 Jesus is called "Lamb of God."  in Verse 38 Jesus is called "Rabbi" (which means teacher).  In verse 41 Jesus is called "Messiah."  In verse 49 Jesus is called "Son of God" and "King of Israel." The disciples were close to Jesus and I feel close to Jesus in my relationship with Him, so why do I always stick with "Lord," when I pray? I think I should try using some of these other names when I pray.


It is confusing when there are two "John's." John (the Baptist) had disciples too. A disciple is someone who learns by following a teacher.  John (the Baptist) had been the teacher, but now it was time for people to leave John (the Baptist) to follow and learn directly from Jesus. One of the disciples standing next to John (the Baptist) was Andrew and it is believed one of the disciples was John. John (the Baptist) indicated to the disciples that it was time for them to leave his side and follow Jesus by looking at Jesus and calling Him the Lamb of God.


The two started to follow Jesus and Jesus turned around and said "what are you seeking?" As an answer to the question, the disciples called Jesus "Rabbi" which means teacher, indicating they were seeking to learn, and asked Him where He was staying, indicating they were seeking to stay with Jesus wherever He would go. What do I want from Jesus when I call out His name, seeking Him? I also want to learn from Him, listen to Him, and follow Him wherever He leads me.


In verse 39 the "tenth hour" would be about 4 p.m., so at about 4 p.m., while at the place where Jesus was staying, Andrew said to his brother Simon that he had found the Messiah.  It was Andrew who told his own brother about Christ.  Sometimes family is the hardest to tell about Christ, but Andrew gives us a great example to testify about Jesus even to our closest family. Not only did Andrew speak plainly to his brother about Christ, he brought his brother to Christ to introduce him to Jesus!  Jesus looked at Simon and gave him a new name because Jesus immediately knew the character of Simon. Jesus knows me just as well! Cephas is from the word "rock" in Aramaic and Peter is from the word "rock" in Greek. He is sometimes referred to as "Simon Peter."  Peter is not always solid as a rock in the Gospels, but he became solid as a rock as the early church begins in the Book of Acts.  Jesus knew the real Peter before Peter even knew himself!  Lord, You know me better than I know myself.  May who I am always be pleasing to You. Make my outward self towards others soft as clay and my inward self towards my faith in You hard as a rock. I crave stone stability. Amen.


The Good News is contagious! John the Baptist told Andrew and John, Andrew told his brother Simon Peter, and then went on to tell others in John 6:8-9 and John 12:22.  How many people did those people tell?

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