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Reading through the Gospels 38

John 4:27-42


The disciples came back from going to town to buy food and could not believe their eyes that Jesus was talking to this woman at the well, but they did not question Jesus.  Oh, what a great example for me to observe Jesus, but not question His ways!  The woman, now surrounded by men and probably feeling awkward, left to go back to town.  However, she did not just go back to town, she went back with her mouth wide open inviting others to comes see this man who told her that He was Christ. Upon her inviting, they went to Jesus! Oh, do I wish my mouth would open wide to invite others to Jesus and that they would come to Him so quickly!  The woman even left her jar behind!  The very jar that she brought initially to get water, the very water that is so important in this desert-like location.


While the woman was gone, the disciples were urging Jesus to eat the food they had just bought. The disciples were not there when Jesus told the woman all about living water, but Jesus continues the topic of spiritually putting things into one's mouth by teaching about spiritaul food.  Confused, the disciples thought someone else must have brought Jesus food.


Jesus says, "My food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to accomplish His work." This is quite different than being thirsty (or hungry) for the Word. Not only is our soul nourished by reading God's Word and prayer, but also from our actions in alignment with God's Will and by our witnessing and inviting of others to know Christ. How satisfying to worship God through my actions aligned with His Will!


Jesus continues by discussing the harvest being ready, the sower, and the reaper.

Verse 35: Do not use excused such as people are not ready to be harvested (yet four months, then comes harvest). Jesus tells us to lift up our eyes, to actually look, to open them to the possibilities, to know that there is no better time than the now, to tell others about the Good News. People, get ready, because people are ready!


Verse 36: The wage Jesus pays me for reaping is the joy from seeing others gain eternal life. Both those who do the initial sowing and the one that does the final gathering can rejoice together when a soul is saved.


Verse 37, 38: Jesus says it is true that one person sows/plants by being the initial person to tell someone about Jesus, but it takes another to reap/gather the person into completeness of faith.  Sometimes I am a planter and sometimes I am a gatherer.


Then the Samaritans who were invited by the woman arrived and invited Jesus to stay with them and He stayed for two days. Many people came to believe because of Jesus's word, not because of what the woman had told them, but because of what their own ears had heard.  This is an example of the sowers and reapers that Jesus was speaking of to the discples.  The woman was a "sower" by inviting, but Jesus did the final reaping. Jesus pointed out this woman's sinful reputation and despite her reputation, was able to use her. It was her reputation that was a contributing factor to their curiosity because her testimony was "He told me all that I ever did." God used her bad reputation to sow seeds, the woman sowed seeds by inviting, and Jesus gathered them unto Him.




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