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Reading through the Gospels 22

John 1:4-5

John 1:4-5 These few words are so very much power-packed with meaning, "In him was life, and the life was the light of men." God is the source of all life.  Not only is He the source, that life is in Him. My life is rooted in God. There are two kinds of life, that being the earthly breath and the living eternally. The next words are "the life," not "a life" or "that life," but THE one and only life that is God Himself. THE life "was," as in the past tense from the beginning of time. God was life and God was light of men. God still is life and God still is light of men. God doesn't just have life and light in Him, rather life and light are His actual being. Life and light are who He is. (The Book of John focuses on sharing with us who God is.) There is darkness which is the devil and sin, and THE light overcomes the darkness.  It is like a room that is dark and 'bam' upon the flip of a switch the light makes the darkness no more.  Darkness never overcomes God's light. God wins every time. When I feel as if I am stumbling around in the darkness of these worldly problems and do not know what choices to make, I turn to God to shine His light on the situation.  When I feel blind to a solution to a problem, God is the one that can shine light on the situation.  God can remove the darkness of sin from any situation whether that darkness is within me or others.


1:6-9 John the apostle writes about John the Baptist and his short version is different than the other gospels.  His words focus on John the Baptist sharing about who Jesus is, that being the light.  John is not the light, but Jesus who comes after him is the "true" light. John reflected Jesus's light by his testimony.  In the same way, I can reflect the light of Christ by sharing my testimony. John pointed others to Christ, who would come into this world as a baby, and I should also point others to the light of Christ.



1:10-13 Jesus, who create the world as the second part of the trinity, was also in the world, and yet people did not know who he was. Even while Jesus was here on this earth and people had a visible, tangible of Jesus, they still did not receive him any more than they receive him now. The entire Old Testament was known to the people and they believed a Messiah was coming, but they could not be convinced that this man was the Messiah.  Everyone who does receive Jesus is a child of God.  As a child of God, I am not born of flesh, but am born of the will of God. Birth of flesh makes me physically alive and rebirth of God makes me spiritually alive.

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