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Pray More Worry Less (Arrow Prayer)

5.23.13 Arrow Prayer:  Lord, there is so much tragedy in the world this week, with the tornadoes in Oklahoma and the attack in London.  I refuse to ask why and leave it all in Your perfect plan, rather I pray.  Thoughts of what I would do if a tornado were to hit here or a terrorist were to come near make me worry, but I know this worry is frivolousness.  So instead, I remember to pray more which makes me worry less.  Who has time to worry when we are in prayer!  Most merciful Father, with compassion You see the tears and hear the prayers of Your people in great distress. I ask You to be with all who endure any type of affliction. Be with those who are bringing relief and aid and bless their work to relieve suffering.  Be with everyone that through tragedy, we may find renewed hope through Jesus Christ.  Amen.