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A Golden Moment

8/8/2016 What do I do on a "home"cation? Get out my camera and enjoy the little things in the morning quietness of my own yard. Oh, how I have missed playing with my camera. I do not see the sunrise well from my house and as I was sitting in front of my black-eyed-susans looking through the lens as the morning sun illuminated the flowers, this thought came to mind. A golden morning is not just a sunrise. I can see golden in more than a sunrise! I can see it in my golden flowers. I can see it in God's exceptional valuable creation, no matter the color. I can see it in those shining moments in my life. I can see it in those golden hours of happiness! I can see it in those golden days filled in the richness of grace and mercy. I can see it through those brilliant friendships. I can see it through God's glorious forgiveness. I can see it in those most desirable good deeds. I can see it. I can see it everywhere. And it is golden good!

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