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I am not alone coping

11.8.13 Arrow Prayer - Lord, You've placed someone in my life who is just plan scary. I want to run from her. I always told my children to choose their friends carefully. I don't want to be her friend. But I feel you calling me to friend her. I don't want to make her mad and live in fear that her ugly person will rise up against me. But I feel you calling me to be her friend. I want to make a difference in her life, but am afraid. I wanted to be silent, but felt You pull me to reach out, so I did and walked the timid waters. I want to do what You want me to do, but worry comes and visits my mind. I watched a video of her beating up someone and yet I hear You saying "talk to her." She just got out of jail and yet I hear You saying "ask her to dinner." Seriously? All the previous time with her did no good, why should now be any different? Spirit, help me in my weakness. Spirit, pray with me and for me in accord with God's Will.

I took that photo in Hawaii!

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