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Things of Value - Arrow Prayer

2/27/16 arrow prayer:  Lord, I have a problem. I value things for sentimental reasons. I have things that were my grandparents because they make me remember my love for them. I have things because a certain person gave them to me. I have things because of the good 'ol days when my boys were little. I'm not really a pack rat of things, but a pack rat of memories. Help me to release some of the these so I can keep making my life less and less cluttered with things. Yes, some things I am so thankful to You for allowing me to have and treasure and cherish, but some things I need to purge. Lord, I treasure and cherish You above all things. Please forgive me if I ever put things above You, if I ever fail to recognize You as the source, or if I ever fail to be a good steward of what You give me. Amen.

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