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Garden Scum Analogy Layout | Most read, I think!


I am once again sharing an old layout of mine from my garden analogy collection.  This one is a tough one to share because it is so transparent.  I believe this layout wins the award for the most read layout of all I have created.  It always brings a lot of comments and reactions.  Is it because people can identify with it? (it's okay if you do.) Is it because they feel sad for me? (Even I read it and feel sad for me, yet at the same time feel the way I do in this layout repeatedly from time to time.) Is it because they want to post to "fix" me? (please do not try to fix me, I do not need fixing, I've got Jesus.)  My hope would be that people would read all the way down to the last sentences and find comfort, especially if they are identifying with me.  They key is that I do not stay in a scum-covered world.  Jesus removes that scum, that sin, over and over and over as many times as needed.