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21. Family Pictures

Oh, I bet everyone has family group photos!

Go ahead, dig out those group photos and scrap them.

Who can share the largest group of people? Who can share the craziest family photo? 

Will we see some quotes and titles that might inspire us for our own layouts?

Use quotes and poems about family group photos in this thread. Go ahead--show us what you can find!


Here's some inspiration:

It wouldn't be a real family reunion if...

- Someone didn't mention the extra five pounds you've put on
- Four relatives didn't confuse you with your sister, who doesn't resemble you in the least
- You didn't make more potato salad than most people see in their entire natural lives
- One of your kids didn't say something like "Mommy, is this the Aunt Martha who gave us the ugly vase?"
- Your husband didn't invite several sets of distant cousins to spend weekend at your house
- By the end of the day you weren't already making plans for next year's get-together

Labeling a Group Photo

When you have a photo of a large group that are not in straight rows it is difficult to label the names so people can identify who is who. One way is to trace the silhouette of the people in the photo on a piece of paper using a light box - or just sketch it. Write the names of the people in the appropriate place on the paper. You can put the sketch in the album next to the photo or you can make a pocket for it. You can put the photo in a photo mounting sleeve and adhere it to the page with a paper hinge with the sketch mounted behind it. You can also copy and reduce the size of the sketch but I would write the names in first.


The most treasured heirlooms are the sweet memories of our family.


Other things may change us, but we start and end with family. -Anthony Brandt

Family… The we of me. -Carson McCullers


"Your Name...
You got it from your father, it was all he had to give,
So it's yours to keep and cherish for as long as you shall live,
It was clean the day he got it, and a worthy name to bear,
When he got it from his father, there was no dishonor there,
So protect and guard it safely, for when all is said and done,
You'll be proud the name is spotless when you give it to your son."-No author noted


If the family were a fruit, it would be an orange, a circle of sections, held together but separable -- each segment distinct. - Letty Cottin Pogrebin


Here's my layout.


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!



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