My Corner Online


Assorted Challenges


36. Where in the World is My Corner Online

DOWNLOAD the graphic and print it out on letter size paper. I suggest card stock or photo paper to make it stiffer, but any white paper will work.

Wherever you are at, take a photo of you holding the graphic. Reduce it to 600 px and share.

Take your photo in your own home if you want low effort. Or drive to a location that says something about your location and take a photo showing the background.

You may submit multiple graphics. Keep the graphic in your car when you travel and take photos whereever you go. We put a sticky note on our graphic so we could replace it with a new location at a later time. More sticky notes and a marker, along with the graphic, in a plastic baggie make it handy at any time in my car.

I hope everyone joins us! It will be more fun the more locations all over the world that we see My Corner Online.



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