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Assorted Challenges

46. Facebook Cover / Banner

For this challenge we want to see your specialized Facebook Covers (or Banners as I tend to call them). These are the images that go above your profile page. These also work for pages.

Facebook cover size isĀ 851px x 315px.

In addition, there is a space where your avatar/icon covers up, so be careful what you place in this part of your graphic. No text or important images should go here.

A tip used by some for crisper images is to save the image as a .jpg, copy the layer, and to run the high pass filter at 5.0 pixels, changing the opacity to linear light.

You can find Facebook Cover "quick pages" and templates in the digital scrapbooking stores or as freebies. You can also find free covers all over the internet if you do an internet search for them.

However, as digital scrapbookers with skills, we like to make our own!

Here are some of the free places, but do not use them for this challenge, but you may be inspired by them.


Here are your covers!