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Lesson 32 - Alphabets

This tutorial lesson is on making alphabets.  I often see that designers include an alphabet in every kit that they sell, so this is an important lesson.

This tutorial shares the basics to make alphabets. There is a free download of the alphabet I made during the tutorial.

In the video, I use Monica Larson's action, but I also share how you can create an alphabet without the action. You will see why I recommend using an alphabet saver action though! Monica's is here. There are others out there and I welcome you to share links to any that you are aware of.

I also use the File Renamer Basic in the tutorial which is a free download software at

At the end of the video, my clean-up did not work and the video was getting so long I just stopped! I believe that the problem was the shadows on the stitches, so if you merge all the layers before you clean them up, those shadows will not be there. I did not have any trouble in cleaning them up outside of the video! lol...Murphy's Law that it will go wrong while recording.

If you make an alphabet of your own, please do post in this thread and share!



Here are your digital scrapbooking alphabets!



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