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Lesson 29 - Folded Corner

This is a fun lesson!  In this lesson, you will want to create the folded corner in several file types to be provided.

You can find the corner made in this video in the God's Art kit in my store.

I finally took the the time to find this tutorial! It is one of the first one's I made as a video. It had gotten lost in a backup of a laptop that crashed in January 2008! It was when I was playing with various video types even as it was not in a version that I use now. 

Please note that the dodging and burning in this video are exaggerated. You may not want to make them so strong in your own project.

Create a folded corner and provided it in several file types.
1. .jpg with transparent corner area filled in with white (just like a paper file).
2. .png with two separate files: base paper and folded corner.


Here are your digital scrapbooking folded corners!


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