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Lesson 51 - Creating Templates

Creating templates from your own layouts is actually very easy to do.  I did pick an old layout that was not created very well and had to do some fixing which makes this video much longer than anticipated, but rather than re-doing the video, I thought that maybe you would learn something new from my playing.  This video also shares at the end how to convert a template from rectangle to square or square to rectangle.

I should have gotten an easier layout to make a template from, but maybe you will learn something along the way as I try to fix the template.

This is my template #69 which is available in my Etsy store.

Creating Templates in Digital Scrapbooking

When I made the above video, I thought I had another video already created, but could not find it. Now that I have been organizing the guides, I have found it! So you can watch this one to help you also.

Creating Templates in Digital Scrapbooking (First Video)