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Lesson 69 - Stumble Upon


A big part of being a Designer is marketing. Stumble Upon and be a fun and effective way to market.

I remember the first time I used Stumble Upon many years ago. I've gotten away from using it and I will tell you why below.

When I first used Stumble, I remember being shocked at the hits it would bring my blog posts. Whether it is just effective I need to test, but need you to stumble some blog posts and site links to do so.

As a user, I liked stumbling, as I would always find good things. I used to share them on my blog when I found them on stumble.

To "stumble," you click a red button on a bar and it shows you another blog or site page. You can stumble by category or tag.

So if you put something on stumble, please be sure to take time to add categories and tags.

In logging in, I see stumble has changed a lot over the years. You used to have to install a toolbar to stumble, but now you can log in and see the toolbar right at the top of the page.

You can follow each other too.
Here's me:

I'm still looking around at the new interface. 
Here is a page:

It is an easy way to market, but just stumbling and linking.

The thing to be careful about stumble upon is that years ago it was known that if you stumbled your own site too often, they would know and remove your stumble or block your site. So it is best if other people stumble your site. I'm not sure how they do it, but maybe they use IP's.

I downloaded the iPhone app and was having fun with it.

It really is a good site, but there always seems to be new sites that take interest away from old sites.

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