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Lesson 71 - Cotton Texture

First shared October 26, 2011

I considered allowing commercial use with these files. However, the purpose of my freebies is for learning and education. The kits and things I offer in the freebie area are to be utilized to give to people, not to use these products for commercial use (scrap for hire is okay). However, you MAY use these files to play and learn with or for your personal layouts.

Click here to download the four cotton textures

Ideas for using these files to design:
1. Place over other layers (solid color or otherwise) and use blending modes on the texture layer.
2. Duplicate the texture layers and apply different blending modes to each layer.
3. Rotate one or more of the texture layers.
4. Change the levels (control L) or colors of the texture layers to enable even more effects with the blending modes.
5. Open up a .jpg texture file and save it as a .psd. Load this file in the Texturizer (under the filter drop down menu) and apply to a layer.
6. Use the dodge and burn tools to create effects on the textures. Choose various brushes on the dodge and burn tool bars.
7. Use the clone tool with the blending modes in its tool bar to create effects on the textures.