4. Creating and Using Digital Bible Journaling Stickers (Link to Comment)

If you want to download the doodle, see Tara's Doodle Through the Bible blog.  You can play along with me and share what you create. This is a Hybrid Bible Journaling page. Margin strips for my journaling Bible are 6.5 inches x 1.85 inches.

I was so excited today to complete my first Hybrid Digital Journaling page.  First are always fun.

What the video above to learn more about how to create and use a sticker in a Hybrid Digital Journaling page.   It is really a cost effective method of adding content to your journaling Bible.  Use your digital scrapbooking stash to create a "sticker" and print it to add it to your page.

Something that is "a thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture."

So hybrid combines digital and paper elements to the end results.

Before adding anything to your page, it is important to use a clear matte medium.  I read sometimes artists do not use it first, but as a beginner, I wanted to start out the safe way.  I let this dry for a while as I went off to do other things.

I used the same clear matte medium to adhere the sticker.

Then I attempted to use my water color pencils complete my page.  This is why I need the stickers in the first place!  I am NOT a good artist by hand.  The important part was my time thinking on the verse.  God reminds me time and again that His Word is not about me, as much as I want it to be about me as "life application," but rather it is about Him.  My mind wants this verse to be about me being down and depressed and God picking me up, but it is really about my sin and God forgiving me.  Most verses in the Bible all come back to sin and forgiveness and Jesus.

So, it is a start.  I can only go up from here, right?

I hope you learn something from the video.  I hope to do some more soon.