Santa Seat - Not for boys!


First posted 12/3/06
P.S. It is 12/23/14, the boys have moved out and this is on my toilet for December!

An idea came to me as I was putting out my Christmas decorations to begin posting some of the crafts and items that have stood the test of time. What does that mean? In other words, they are items that have special meaning to me that may be worthless to others, but worthy enough to have hung around my house for years and years.

Here's the first! This is a Santa seat for the toilet. I remember this making me giggle every time I saw it at my Grandparent's house. I loved it so much, I had to have one of my own to make my own children giggle.

So years ago, I created my own pattern by just cutting out pieces of felt and sewing them together. You cannot see from this photo, but there are also sequins sewn around the edges where the pieces meet. It must have taken me a while to do that!

Then God gave me three boys. Sigh. Unfortunately, I've learned that my Santa seat and boys are just not compatible and it gets my warm thoughts and memories each year and then sadly gets packed away. Maybe when the boys move out I can put it back on. Or maybe someday I will come into some money and have a spare bathroom where I can put it where it doesn't matter. I doubt it.