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I am looking for some old stuff on my blog to repost and I found the below.  I think What The Duck has to be my favorite cartoon.  You will note he is a photographer and loves Photoshop too.  The direct link below was no longer good and the main website seems to have some database problems, but is still viewable.

You can find What the Duck on Facebook.
Here is a link at Go Comics too.
Wikipedia information says it started in July 2006.

First posted 1/25/2007

I was reading my e-mail and found through them this great comic on Photoshop called What The Duck. Here's the direct link to the above cartoon and it says on the page that I can copy it and paste it on my blog, which is so cool that they allow us to spread the fun.

I've got a plug in! I have really been enjoying these cartoons, especially since they are about photography and Photoshop. Really, if you had never experienced Photoshop, you would not "get" this one! It made me laugh.


7/1/2015 Have you been reading the What The Duck cartoons since I last shared them with you? I love the photography theme which is so applicable to my interests and they are really cracking me up. Here's a few (as they give permission to share them on the website). 


What the Duck - What does he sound like?

8/14/2008 How FUN! My favorite cartoon. When it is all about photography and photoshop, how could I resist the humor! How excited I am to see that they are not animated and on YouTube! Of course, I subscribed right away! Check it out!


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