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Andrew Davis Kent & Nancy Weekley


Andrew Davis Kent was born December 5, 1859, in Chester, Randolph County, Illinois, to Thadeus M. Kent and Sarah.


Nancy C. Weekley was born July 1861 in Illinois, to John Weekley and Melissa Crain.


Note: Find 1860 census


In the July 21, 1870, census, Township 7, Range 6 West, Randolph County, Illinois, Andrew D. was 12 years old, living with his parents and family.  His Dad, Thadeus (41) was a farmer, with a value of a personal estate of 500.  The value of the real estate is blank, indicating he may not have owned the land he farmed. Thadeus indicates he is born in Tennessee.  His Mom, Sarah (30) is keeping house, was born in Virginia, and cannot read or write.  William Phor (21) and John Baddom (19) are laborers in the home. The children in the home are Johanna (13), Andrew D (12), Eliza (10), Flora (9), Thadeus (4), and Samuel J (11/12, born in August).  Johanna and Andrew D are also marked as unable to read or write.


In the July 26, 1870 census, Township 8 Range 6, Randolph County, Illinois, Nancy is 9 years old, living with her parents and family. Her Dad, John Weekly (47) is a farmer, with a real estate value of 400 and a value of personal estate of 615. He is from Kentucky and cannot read or write. Her Mom, Melissa, is not listed (presumed having died before this year). Also in the home are William B (19), John H (16), and Mathilda (14), all born in Illinois.


On Christmas day, December 15, 1879, Andrew and Nancy cross the Mississippi River to marry in Perry County at the residence of John Embergher (Marriage Record; Marriage Record 2). Sebastian E. Parson was the Minister. I have found John Embergher (40 from Baden Germany) living in Bois Brule in the 1870 census, which is just over the river from Chester, with his wife Sarah (30 from Arkansas). I wonder if he or his wife were related. In a quick research, I believe that his name changes to John Joseph Amberger and Sarah’s maiden name is Boshars. John and Sarah are married in Jackson County, Illinois, on February 11, 1864.


In the 1880 census, Chester, Randolph County, Illinois, District 98, Andrew (19) and Nancy (20) are newly married living next door to his parents. Andrew is farming and Nancy is keeping house. Two doors down his sister Joanna (now a Holley) is living with her family.


On July 15, 1881, Andrew and Nancy have a daughter, Effie Kent, born in Rockwood, Illinois. Effie would married William Preston Lumm. She is buried at Oakdale Cemetery in Commerce, the same cemetery as Andrew. (death certificate, obituary)


On January 23, 1885, Andrew and Nancy have a son, Thomas Dates Kent, born in Chester, Illinois. (death certificate, in his WWI registration, his middle name is Datueis)


Note, 1890 census destroyed in fire.


On October 7, 1891, Andrew and Nancy have a son, Charles Thaddeus Kent, born in Chester, Illinois. His buriel is in Oran, Scott County, Missouri.


On April 17, 1892, Andrew and Nancy have a son, Pearl Cornelius Kent, born in Chester, Illinois.


On September 12, 1894, Andrew and Nancy have a son, Joseph Gilbert Kent, born in Chester, Illinois. He would marry and move to Dayton, Ohio, where he is buried.


On May 12, 1899, Andrew and Nancy have a son, Archie Jack Kent, born in Chester, Illinois.


In the June 2, 1900 census, Chester City, Chester Precinct, Randolph County, Illinois, District 0065, His Dad, Andrew Kent (40), was born December 1859, had been married 20 years, born in Illinois, both parents born in Illinois, was a farmer, renting a farm with a schedule of "9," and could read, write, and speak English. His Mom, Nancy (38), was born July 1861, married 20 years, given birth to 10 children with 6 living, born in Illinois, both parents born in Illinois, and could read and speak English, but not write. Children are: John B. (15) born January 1885, a farm laborer, attending school for 3 months, and could read, write, and speak English; Thad C (10) born October 1889, attended school 6 months, and could read, write, and speak English; Pearl was 7 years old listed as "Perly C," born April 1892, attend school 4 months, and can read and speak English, but not write; Joseph G. (5) born September 1894; and Jack (1) born May 1899.


In the April 28, 1910 census, Commerce, Scott County, Missouri, District 0163, Andrew (51) is widowed, is a farm laborer, renting a house. Two sons live with him: Thadius (20) working as a farm laborer; and Pearl (18) working as a general farm laborer, who can read and write, and has not attended school. .

Why did they move to Commerce? Where are his siblings? When did Nancy die? He is widowed. Nancy's brother, William Weekly, died March 1910 and is buried in Oakdale Cemetery. This is an indication that he may have lived here in Commerce with his sister.


In the January 30, 1920 census, Commerce, Scott County, Missouri, District 0186, Andrew (69) is living with his son, Joe and his wife and family. Joe is a farmer.


Andrew Davis Kent died on November 8, 1928, at 6 p.m., at the age of 68 years, 11 months, and 2 days. He was buried at Oakdale Cemetery in Commerce, Missouri, on November 9, 1928 (His daughter Effie (Kent) Lumm is also buried in this cemetery, having died January 22, 1952). His Death Certificate indicates that he is married (not widowed, but could be an error of past tense of "married."). His occupation was carpenter. The informant was his son, Date Kent. His father is listed as Thad Kent and his mother as Sarah Katherine. He died of chronic, acute colitis, which is an  inflammation of the inner lining of the colon. I believe it says ulcerative colitis. The doctor had first attended to him about May 1928.

Location of Oakdale Cemetery, Commerce, Missouri.

The Southeast Missourian, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Friday, Nov. 9, 1928 page 1 Commerce--Funeral services for Andrew Kent, 69 years old, who died Wednesday evening at his home here, were held at 1:30 this afternoon at the home. Rev. Hall, pastor of the Methodist church, conducted the services. Interment was in a cemetery here. Kent was a retired farmer, and since the death of his wife some time ago, he had been living with his children at their homes here and in St. Louis. A number of sons and daughters survive. He suffered a stroke of paralysis 10 weeks ago in St. Louis and had been critically ill since that time.