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John Weekley (Weekly, Weakly) and Melissa Crain (Crane)


John Weekley was born about 1822-1830 mostly likely in Kentucky.

Melissa was born June 5, 1827, in Randolph County, Illinois to John Crain and Mary Gaston.


The Illinois compiled marriage records indicate that John and Melissa were married on April 4, 1850.

The below record gives a film number (note, get copy of marriage record from film).


In the September 20, 1850 census, Township 8 South Range 5 West, John (30) and Melissa (20) are both shown as having been born in Illinois. The value of his real estate is "150." With their ages, John would have been born 1820 and Melissa would have been born 1830.


On January 7, 1853, John and Melissa have a son, William B. Weekley. He would marry a Hulda N. Miner and die March 11, 1910, in Commerce, Missouri, being buried in Oakdale Cemetery (the same location as his sister Nancy's husband, Andrew D. Kent). In the 1900 census he is age 49, a boarder, living with the wheat family in Bois Brule, Missouri. His death certificate lists his name as Weakly, divorced, and his parents as John Weakly and Melissa Craine, and Andrew Kent is the informant. William had one daughter, Mary Ann Weekly Ramsey. Mary would marry Albert Ramsey and is also buried in Oakdale Cemetery having died November 24, 1921.


In 1854, John and Melissa have a son, John Hardin Weekley. He would marry Emily Ellen Pierson and have 7 daughters.


In 1856, John and Melissa have a daughter, Matilda Elizabeth Weekley. She would marry Ben Lewis (possibly 2 children) and then Randsom Langley. Her marriage record lists her parents as John Weekley and Malisa Crain.


In the September 6, 1860 census, Township 8 South Range 5 West, John (38) and Maleria (33) have 3 children: William (9), John H (6), and Matilda (4). Their last name is spelled Weakly and their ages are a little off from the 1850 census, John having been born about 1822 and Melissa having been born about 1827. Melissa's name is also different. John owns real estate of the value of "400" and personal property of the value of "265." Everyone is born in Illinois.


In July 1861, John and Melissa would have a daughter, Nancy C. Weekley. She would marry Andrew D. Kent.


In the July 26, 1870 census, Township 8 Range 6, Randolph County, Illinois, post office of Rockwood, John Weekly (47, born about 1823) is a farmer, with a real estate value of 400 and a value of personal estate of 615. He is from Kentucky (different than the Illinois above) and cannot read or write. His wife, Melissa, is not listed (presumed having died before this year). Also in the home are William B (19), John H (16), and Mathilda (14), and Nancy (9) all born in Illinois.


In the Illustrated Historical Atlas of Randolph County, Illinois, at the Library of Congress, published in 1875, page 25, we find the Weekley plot on Crain's Island. Crain's Island was initially named St. Mary's River Island.


John is not found in the 1880 census, so it is assumed he died before 1880.


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