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Reading through the Gospels #198




Mark 15:22-41, Matthew 27:33-56, Luke 23: 33-49, John 19:17b-37

In all four gospels

(Created April 12, 2017; I am reading Liz Curtis Higg's new book The Women of Easter and it inspired me to create this Digital Bible Journaling page. I usually dislike creating art for "blood" and "pain" because I really do not like the red or darkness it would take to depict the theme in art. I love what I did here though being able to share a very dark and difficult theme while keeping it light at the same time. I feel as if I can actually look at this and ponder Jesus's suffering rather than being repulsed to look away because of art portrayal.
I kept it simple and did not use much color, just black and white and a little red, focusing on the scripture. I made bold the text that stood out as painful. Can you spy the other subtle things in the layout? There is an earth with a heart next to it. There are light red brush strokes for His stripes that heal. There is light grey brushwork for the bruising of all the blows to his skin and humiliation to his heart. There is a light bulb representing the Light of the World.)